Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment

An eye ailment should not be ignored at any cost. Sadly, many of them may continue to worsen over a period making a cure impossible. It is indeed devastating to know that you have been affected by a group of inherited conditions known by the term retinitis pigmentosa. There is no need to panic though. Instead, feel free to ask the eye doctor about the specifics to find out the best possible Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment available at present.

You must first be aware of what the condition means and how it affects your eye(s). The condition often known by its acronym RP is the most commonly inherited condition that affects the normal functioning of the retina. It is also important to know that 1 in 4000 people across Europe and America are affected by this condition every year.

Symptoms that are part of Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment

Your doctor may divide the symptoms by stages. You will experience the following when RP is in the early stage:

  • Difficulty in viewing objects at night
  • Problems in viewing things in dim light
  • Blind spots in the peripheral vision or you fail to view correctly from the side of your eyes

You may experience more problems once the condition progresses to reach the late stage. The following may become apparent with time:

  • Twinkling or flashing lights seen frequently
  • Tunnel vision i.e. you only get to see the objects directly in front of you and placed in the center
  • You feel uncomfortable in bright light
  • You gradually fail to notice the color
  • The vision deteriorates and you are diagnosed with low vision

Cause of RP

These types of inherited eye conditions are attributed to certain genes. The abnormal genes are present in retinal cells causing various types of visual difficulties

Management of Retinitis Pigmentosa

Unfortunately, there is no way to cure the condition. The inherited genes cannot function as needed causing your vision to deteriorate rapidly. However, the best eye specialists can help you to manage the condition and help you to enjoy a normal lifestyle even when the RP has progressed substantially. The best ways to manage the condition include the following:-

  • Using low vision aid preferably aids with magnification technology. Identification of objects and individuals is ensured by using these
  • Shading the eyes with dark glasses when outdoors
  • Undergoing treatment for all associated conditions such as cystoid macular edema (CME) to reduce the effect of RP
  • Cataract surgery is when the lens becomes too cloudy to reflect light. This condition may be present in seniors above the age of 50.

Prevention of RP

There is no suitable cure for this condition that is inherited. However, you may try to prevent its occurrence when others in your family have been diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. Some of the accepted ways to keep your eyes healthy are:-

  • Visiting the ophthalmologist regularly for an eye examination
  • Using sunshades and dark glasses in bright light
  • Following a healthy diet and active lifestyle

It is advisable to manage the condition as much as possible. However, you may consider an alternative when it comes to Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment too.

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