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Black Friday is the day after American Thanksgiving when retailers nationwide run epic sales and deals. It traditionally kicks off the holiday shopping season and features some of the biggest discounts you’ll find all year. Whether you’re looking to pick up some unique Christmas gifts on a budget or want to treat yourself to something special, Black Friday 2023 will be filled with thrilling steals and deals you won’t want to miss!H2: When is Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday 2023 will be on November 24. Most Black Friday sales actually begin on Thanksgiving Day or even earlier online. Retailers have been starting their sales earlier and earlier each year, with some opening as early as Wednesday evening ahead of Thanksgiving.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Black Friday Deals both online and in-stores starting the week of Thanksgiving. The most popular doorbuster deals and limited inventory items will go fastest, with many selling out in mere hours if not minutes. So having a plan is key to scoring the best Black Friday bargains.

History of Black Friday

The term Black Friday first came about in Philadelphia in the 1950s. It was used to describe the disruption, traffic jams, and general chaos in the city due to all the major retail stores having massive sales the day after Thanksgiving.

While the origins of the name may have represented more negative ideas, today Black Friday signifies excitement, thrills, and huge savings as customers flock to stores across the country even in the wee hours of the morning for a chance at once-in-a-lifetime deals.

Top Stores Participating in Black Friday

Almost every major retailer participates in Black Friday nowadays both online and in physical store locations. However, some of the most popular destinations include:


Walmart almost always takes a spot at the top of the list when it comes to Black Friday shopping. Offering epic doorbusters on electronics plus rollback deals on everything from clothing to home goods to groceries, you’re guaranteed to save big at Walmart.


While Amazon doesn’t have brick-and-mortar stores, it still features Black Friday bargains that can’t be beaten. From Amazon device deals to lightning sales across all categories, be sure to check Amazon first for the items on your list.


Another spot to bag major bargains is at Target, with many lining up for doorbuster deals on TVs, electronics, and more. Target also runs an entire week of pre-Black Friday promotions both online and in-store.

Types of Black Friday Deals to Expect

The types of deals available on Black Friday span across every product category, from hot-ticket tech and electronics to clothing, home items, toys, and more.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the top types of deals shoppers scoped up last Black Friday:


Scoring steep discounts on big-ticket electronic items is one of the biggest draws of Black Friday. Retailers compete to offer the best TV deals, laptop deals, tablet deals, and deals on things like gaming consoles and virtual reality headsets. Even smaller electronics see impressive discounts, with retailers like Target including e-readers, headphones, speakers and home appliances in their promotions.

Clothing and Accessories

For the fashion-focused shopper, almost every clothing store and brand you can think of promotes Black Friday clothing sales both online and in-store. Department stores like Macy’s and JCPenney offer anywhere from 40-60% off or more on apparel and accessories for the family. While specialty stores like American Eagle, Gap, Old Navy, and more also run can’t-miss clothing and accessory deals you’ll want to get your hands on.

Home Goods

Whether you’re looking to upgrade appliances like washers and refrigerators or refresh furniture and home decor items like bedding and rugs, Black Friday features money-saving home goods promotions at nearly every major home retailer like Wayfair, Overstock, and more. In the past, home improvement stores like Home Depot and appliance brands like Samsung have offered hundreds off large home purchases too.

Tips for Saving Money on Black Friday

While the deals themselves are clearly meant to save shoppers money in comparison to other times of year, you can save even more by using these Black Friday shopping tips:

Make a List

Having a game plan and shopping list is crucial for saving money on Black Friday. Scoping out deals ahead of time online and cherry picking the items you want or need will prevent overspending on impulse buys.

Compare Prices Ahead of Time

Another key tip is to research regular prices and compare deals across multiple retailers in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. That way you’ll know products are marked down at their lowest historical price point before adding them to your carts.

Look for Coupon Codes and Cash Back

On top of the Black Friday discounts themselves, you can save even more money by stacking additional coupon codes, in-store pickup discounts, and cash-back offers from either retailers directly or third-party services like Rakuten. Just one extra 5-10% off or cash back bonus applied at checkout could end up saving you big across multiple purchases.

Should You Shop Online or In-Store?

There are pros and cons of both online and in-store Black Friday shopping. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference, what specific deals interest you, stock availability, and patience standing in possibly long lines.

Online shopping allows you to browse many more deals conveniently from anywhere and typically offers earlier access to sales, even days or weeks ahead rather than waiting until Friday morning for stores to open. However popular inventory may sell out quicker online.

Whereas in-store early bird specials and doorbusters usually offer bigger discounts and value in more limited quantities, but require lining up extremely early or late at night to get your hands on before stock sells out. Either way, prepare to dedicate some time if going out to stores in person.

Top Black Friday Steals and Deals in 2023

Wondering exactly what epic Black Friday deals might be available this year? While the full slate of 2023 promotions likely won’t be reveal until November, we can make some predictions on possible deals across popular categories.


Score major price drops on the year’s best TVs, with savings over $100-$500 off or more on brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, and more. Everything from budget HD models to premium 4K and even 8K Ultra HD TVs with the newest display tech see steep discounts that make upgrading highly affordable.


Upgrade your old slow laptop or gift students and professionals on your list the latest high-performance models on the cheap this Black Friday. Past years have included several hundred dollars off laptops like the Apple MacBook Air and Pro, HP, Dell, Lenovo ThinkPad, and other top brands. Even expensive gaming laptops get marked down at retailers like Best Buy.


While the brand new just released iPhone and Galaxy models likely won’t see instant discounts, retailer deals often include nice incentives with qualified activations or trade-ins. Savings come in the form of gift cards and enhanced carrier offers. And older generation iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models routinely sell at $100+ price cuts making it easier to snag 5G devices at affordable prices this Black Friday.

Enjoying Black Friday While Staying Within Your Budget

After getting caught up in all the amazing promotions, it can be tempting to overspend on Black Friday in the excitement of the moment. Be sure to set a realistic budget ahead of time and stick to your list to keep savings and stress levels balanced. Checking deals early allows more time to think through purchases rather than impulse shopping. And taking advantage of services like buy now pay later with 0% financing for 6-12 months on purchases over certain amounts could allow you to afford those bigger wish list items while paying them off over time interest-free.

Stay focused, be patient, embrace the thrill of the Black Friday hunt across stores and online, and ultimately you’ll end the day with the perfect haul any shopper would love without the financial hangover after overindulging.


This Black Friday features so many can’t-miss deals that appeal to every interest and age range, you’re guaranteed to delight everyone on your gift list while checking off personal wants and needs too. With the right strategy, stacks of savings from combining offers, and sticking to your list, retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Target, and more stand ready to help you score the season’s best steals across tech, home, apparel, toys, and so much more. Happy deal hunting!


What day is Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday 2023 falls on Friday, November 24th. However many Black Friday sales start as early as the Monday before Thanksgiving or even earlier online.

What stores have the best Black Friday deals?

Some of the most popular retailers for Black Friday deals include Walmart, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, Kohls, Old Navy, and more. Almost every major store participates with big sales both online and in-stores.

What is the most popular item people buy on Black Friday?

Some of the hottest selling products people shop for on Black Friday are electronics like TVs, laptops, tablets, and gaming items. Clothing and winter apparel also see huge demand and deep discounts that draw crowds both online and at physical stores.

When should I start looking for Black Friday deals?

You can start deal hunting as early as October or November as holiday promotions ramp up. Retailers begin releasing Black Friday ads 1-2 weeks ahead of Thanksgiving showing the available doorbusters and giving shoppers plenty of time to prepare their lists.

Are Black Friday deals only available on Friday?

While the biggest discounts called “doorbusters” are usually only available in limited quantities on Black Friday itself, many other sales last through the entire holiday weekend (aka Cyber Monday) and the week after. So you don’t necessarily have to wake up early and stand in lines to still cash in on deals. Checking ahead of time for each retailer’s promo dates helps.

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