9 Best AI SEO Tools For SEO Success In 2023

Whether you’re a blogger, a marketer, or a business trying to build traffic on your website, you may face challenges. All you need is to unleash the power of AI-powered tools that boost your SEO ranking in today’s tech-advanced era. It will enable you to succeed, stay ahead of everyone, and take your website to a new level. But it is only possible when you choose the suitable software and learn to use it correctly to leverage maximum benefit.

But how will you know an option is viable for you? It is only possible when you analyze various AI-powered SEO programs and pick the one that aligns with your needs, budget, and goal. This blog lists the top nine AI tools to power up your SEO ranking game.

9 Best AI Tools To Boost SEO Ranking In 2023

1.   Surfer SEO

Surfer is one of the famous all-in-one management tools for search engine optimization. It allows users to research relevant and high-ranking keywords, create outlines, curate content, and publish them on the site.

  • Pros: Surfer SEO offers on-page optimization suggestions centered on data from top-ranking pages. It recommends keyword usage, content length, headings, and so much more. It also delivers a content editor and SERP analysis
  • Cons: It is relatively expensive for small businesses or individuals. Some users find the interface and overall user experience a bit complex
  • Pricing: It offers various pricing plans starting from $59 monthly for the basic program

2.   Frase

Frase is another of the best software on our list that allows the user to enhance their content and optimize it for SEO.

  • Pros: Frase uses artificial intelligence to help users with topic research, content briefs, and search engine optimization. It provides insights on popular questions and topics related to your target keywords, allowing you to create more inclusive content. Thus, Frase is suitable for promoting products or assistance, such as essay writing services. Leveraging this software efficiently will amplify the number of visitors to your website and increase your clients
  • Cons: As Frase has many advanced features, it isn’t so friendly for beginners. Learning how to leverage their inclusive options may take a while. It may not be as fit for non-English content or less competitive niches
  • Pricing: Frase offers pricing plans starting from $45 per month

3.   WordLift

Wordlift leverages artificial intelligence to transform your search engine optimization and attract more organic traffic. It also broadens your content’s reach to your target audience and helps your business grow.

  • Pros: WordLift is best for internal linking structures and structuring data. It also helps content creators plan, research, create, and publish.
  • Cons: WordLift may have limited features compared to its counterparts. The pricing can be relatively high for startups or freelancers.
  • Pricing: The basic pricing plan of WordLift starts from €490 (approximately $570)

4.   MarketMuse

MarketMuse is excellent for automating various tasks, such as content audits. It also informs the users of what works and what doesn’t, helping to prioritize the right strategies and content.

  • Pros: MarketMuse helps with content planning and optimization, plus improves content quality and relevance. It provides insights on content gaps and related keywords
  • Cons: It is a bit on the pricy side and requires an excellent level of learning to use it
  • Pricing: MarketMuse offers custom pricing based on individual needs

5.   Outranking

Outranking produces brand-tailored SEO-friendly first drafts and optimizes content for higher ranking.

  • Pros: Outranking optimizes content for higher search engine rankings and has monitoring and reporting features. It delivers keyword suggestions, examines competitors, and provides recommendations for better content management
  • Cons: It doesn’t provide as extensive keyword research or competitor analysis as other options on our list
  • Pricing: Pricing information for Outranking is not readily available. You have to contact the provider for specific details related to Outranking

6.   Serpstat

SerpStat is best for examining competitor ads and conducting long-tail keyword research. It also provides users insights that they may not get from other software.

  • Pros: Serpstat is an all-in-one search engine optimizing platform where you can conduct keyword research, backlink analysis, site audit, and competitor analysis. It provides comprehensive data for elevating the effectiveness of SEO strategies
  • Cons: The user interface isn’t so user-friendly, and the learning curve may feel steep for beginners
  • Pricing: Serpstat offers various pricing plans, while the basic package starts from $69/month

7.   SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a reliable and affordable software that comes with a plethora of functional features. It improves your link-building efforts and solves any SEO tasks efficiently.

  • Pros: SE Ranking is an SEO software that offers features for keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink monitoring, site auditing, and more. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for optimizing SEO efforts
  • Cons: The interface is a bit outdated and challenging to use. The pricing structure may not be as flexible, with limited features in lower-tier plans
  • Pricing: SE Ranking offers different pricing plans, whereas the basic one starts from $39 per month

8.   KeywordInsights

KeywordInsights enables the users to produce thousands of keyword ideas and categorize them into categories. It also optimizes the available content using artificial intelligence. Besides, if mastering your search engine optimizing skills feels tricky along with your academic commitments, consider professional assistance. You can inform trustworthy online essayists to write my essay while you can focus on your SEO ranking.

  • Pros: KeywordInsights provides keyword suggestions, search volume data, content optimization, competitor analysis, and content briefs to improve rankings
  • Cons: It doesn’t provide many advanced features
  • Pricing: The basic plan is available at $9.17 per month

9.   RankIQ

RankIQ is one of the highest-ranking platforms and a worthy choice for travel bloggers.

  • Pros: RankIQ has fantastic keyword research features, content optimization, and rank tracking features. It provides insights on keyword difficulty, competitor analysis, and content recommendations
  • Cons: RankIQ may not have as extensive features or integrations as other tools
  • Pricing: It has a standard plan that costs $49 per month
  • What is the purpose of AI in SEO software?

Artificial intelligence leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze immense data. After excellent examination, it delivers actionable insights, automates keyword research, optimizes content, analyzes competition, and makes search engine optimization more effective.  

  • How does AI-powered SEO software boost search engine ranking?

Users can use AI-powered search engine optimization software to boost their search engine ranking by integrating countless effective strategies. For example, it offers valuable recommendations and insights, such as tips for keyword usage and backlink profiles. This insightful data allows users to optimize their on-page elements and enhance their website’s performance. Thus, it leads to a higher ranking.

  • What are the advantages I can unlock after leveraging AI SEO tools?

Though there are many advantages you can enjoy by choosing the suitable software and using it correctly, let’s name a few ones. You can reduce manual effort by automating many tasks, thus saving time for other important work, and then tap into data-driven insights, enhance keyword research, and peak into competitors’ strategies or backlink profiles. You will also get an effective strategy to structure your content and make it more relevant.

  • Are AI SEO tools suitable for all types of business?

Yes, they’re suitable for businesses of all types, be it a startup or a multinational venture. So many software are available in the market, ideal for every size of organization and freelancers. You should choose the one for yourself by considering pricing, features, and ease of usage.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for this guide! We’ve listed and described all the top nine AI tools best for SEO practices. You can consider this information to choose the suitable software for yourself. Keep in mind that the pricing may differ depending on the number or level of features, usage limits, and even the target audience.

Always carefully analyze the website before making a purchase. Besides, consider your budget, SEO needs, user experience, and the goal of your business to select the viable option. You can also benefit from their free trials or demos to assess their effectiveness and pick the right one.

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